Texas – Where the rattlesnakes run like wild pigs

It’s amazing what appears when you are open.

I was cleaning up a bit and a paper fell from a full journal I was moving.  As I went to tuck it back between the appropriate pages, I glanced to see what it was.

During a trip this summer, Little Man and I ran a 5K with some friends to raise money for an orphanage we support.  Toward the end of the weekend event, I was adding things I wanted to do to my Life List.  Little Man asked what I was doing and wanted me to write his down too.

Here is the start of Little Man’s Adventure List:

Where do you want to GO?

  • Orlando where the alligators live and wrestle them
  • Texas where the rattlesnakes run like wild pigs
  • Africa to live with no food, no water, and no TV
  • Hawaii with our friends

What do you want to HAVE?

  • A gun so I can shoot a truck
  • To build my own hut to wrestle
  • A big set of Harry Potter legos – big enough for 100 billion thousand people

What do you want to DO?

  • Build a house with my own hands
  • Build the girls house with my hands (At the orphanage)
  • Visit the orphans for one whole week and play with them, help them buy Star Wars Legos and if people tried to hurt them I would block it.

The whispering voice can’t compete with that!

What story are you creating today?

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