A stick to beat the lovely lady

Why is it such a challenge for me to raise my hand and ask for help?  Why do I make it an internal battle to allow someone to do what I am fully capable of?

My son would have had curtains hung in his room 45 days ago if, when I ran into challenges hanging the rod originally, I had simply made the call I made this morning.  The apartment complex was happy to schedule someone to come and take care of it for me.  Let’s see… my choices were: Two minutes on the phone – vs – 15 minutes to correct the situation – vs – 45 days of having an unfinished project hang over my head.  Of the three choices, I chose the one that would cause stress.  Fascinating.

I created another opportunity to beat myself up for not making time, not doing it right, not making it happen…  Although all three points are valid and factual – they were unnecessary.  Why do I continually look for the stick to beat myself with and if I can’t find it choose to create one?

Will Little Man care who hung the curtains – or that they were hung?  Which is more important – the task is completed or the task is completed by me?  It is time to let things go!  I do not have to be the end all be all.  Not everything has to be done perfectly and by me… it’s enough that it gets done.  What other areas of my life can I apply this realization to?

What voice do I hear that continually whispers I’m not good enough?  Why do I choose to listen?  How do I silence it so I don’t pass it along to my son?

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2 Responses to A stick to beat the lovely lady

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  2. Reuben Rhodes says:

    Perhaps it is the voice saying “Do more, be more, become more ……….. for you have not yet reached your potential.” Perhaps silencing the voice is not the answer but finding a focus for it that is more in keeping with your goals …………….. and less involved with the day to day minutiae of life …………… Perhaps. To be driven can be a wonderful thing ………. to be merely driven without direction or vector is well, ………….. less wonderful; but you have momentum on your side.

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