Ahhh procrastination

Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.” ~ Robert Benchley

Today brought the following randomness:

  • If your plan is to hang curtains, it may not be best to start the day with an hour yoga practice focused on arms.
  • A screw is not a valid substitute for a drill bit
  • For want of a drill bit, the curtains must be rehung
  • Even in an apartment, one home improvement project begits another
  • It’s amazing the power ‘not making do’ holds
  • I smile everytime I walk into the bedrooms (now with curtains)
  • If you repair your broken pizza cutter with superglue, chances are the wheel will no longer turn… even if you’re extra careful and only put it on the silly plastic part
  • My new pizza cutter has a metal center
  • The rabbit hole that is my blog reader is a fantastic break
  • The rabbit hole expands my mind, touches my heart and swallows hours whole without chewing
  • “Red dresses are the best kind of ridiculous” 
  • If you spend your day doing various home projects, running errands, and reading blogs, the floors will remain unmopped and your work projects will still need to be done.
  • Writing a blog post will not complete any of those tasks either
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