Money lessons

Money lessons Little Man experienced this week:

  1. If you have to give someone money in order for them to be your friend, they’re not really your friend
  2. This fact does not change if YOU offered the exchange
  3. We exchange money for goods and services
  4. Friendship is not a service we exchange money for
  5. Even if your friend has STAR WARS Legos
  6. No, you may not *just try it anyway”
  7. Because I said so
  8. Moms always know when you’re trying to hide something (Getting dressed with your backpack before breakfast and refusing to take it off is usually a clue.)
  9. You have to count your money occasionally to know how much you have
  10. A nickel, dime, and quarter are not the same thing
  11. Even if you’re tired of counting the change
  12. Dollar bills are easier to carry than a pocket full of quarters
  13. Bank of Mom will exchange quarters for dollars, IF you count them out
  14. There *are* nice cashiers at who understand this is how you learn
  15. Buying your own STAR WARS Legos with your own money is WAY cooler than giving money to someone so you can play with theirs

Ryan exclaimed as we left the store, “MOM, I can’t believe this is my very first receipt EVER!”  He then proceeded to show that receipt to everyone within 3 feet as we walked to the car.  Here’s hoping some of the lessons stick.

My First Ship

“What I learned on my own, I still remember.” ~ Nassim Nicholas

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One Response to Money lessons

  1. Melissa says:

    My little one learned this week that we just don’t “make” $5 for her. She discovered that people, including her, have to earn money. Yeah, not such a good day.

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