The force was with me

My nephew turned six earlier this month and he requested a STAR WARS birthday party.  He sent out ‘real paper invitations’ which absolutely thrilled Little Man.  I had Little Man call my sister (Red Head) to RSVP.  His voice mail was something to the effect of “Red Head, this is Little Man.  I just called to RSAPP. I just called to say hi……….  I love you. Bye! Mom, I’m did it now can I play my game?”

With a STAR WARS party, there *must* be an appropriately themed cake.  Red Head and I decided on an R2D2 cake.  Here’s how I did it.

First – I made a list schedule. 

Monday night – I designed the cake and cut out the decoration templates. Paper, ruler, pencil, tape, and scissors.  Thank goodness most of R2D2’s stuff is straight edges. 

Wednesday night – I opened the box of fondant with trepidation.  I’ve never used the stuff before and was nervous.  It was the most expensive part of the cake.  (I used Wilson’s white fondant.  I bought the small box and had plenty left over. )  I had to tell myself to, “Just get in there and mess with it.  It’s not like you can break it.” Over and over, out.loud. 

Once I got over myself I mixed the colors.  I divided the blob in three very unequal pieces.  I used Wilson’s Icing Color to for the blue and black pieces.  Side note: A little Icing Color goes a LONG WAY!  I used the tip of a tooth pick to transfer the color from the bottles to the fondant.  Then it was time for the rolling pin, pizza cutter, and sharp knife to do their work. Attaching the colors together was cool.  Take the tip of a toothpick dipped in water and rub on the backside of the top piece.  Place it on the bottom piece and tada!  they’re attached forever and ever.  It made me laugh… it was either that or the fact that it was after midnight by the time I took this picture. 

Thursday night – was for baking the cakes and making the Rice Krispy Treats.  I did this the night prior to decorating so they would be completely cool and very unlikely to melt the butter creme.  To make the legs, I molded the RKT around wooden dowels.  I ended up cutting the long piece in thirds for the leg bases.

 Friday night I built, iced, and decorated the cake.

 Assembling the legs:

Icing and stacking the cakes:  I didn’t realize you were supposed to place little dowels in each layer and use the cake rounds in between each layer.  I iced, stacked, then stuck the dowels through the three 8″ round cakes.   

I baked cake in a mixing bowl to make the top.  It took three cake mixes to make the 8″ rounds and the head.  There were many challenges with the cake mix I used.  The ‘head’ came out perfectly.  The rounds fell apart.  I placed the only one that was completely intact on the bottom, and the two with issues in the middle.  I corrected missing pieces by using the butter creme frosting as both bondo and spackle. I’ve been told that frosting covers a multitude of sins.  Apparently it’s frosting and mad skills, because just frosting gave this R2D2 a large backside.

Did you know that butter creme frosting is yellow?!?! There was a wee bit of panic while I tried to come to grips with a yellow R2D2.  The the voice of reason came from somewhere and whispered, “You won’t get white… but how about grey?”  And so a couple of toothpickfuls (is TOO a measurement!) of the black Icing Color whipped into the butter creme and I was back in business.

I piped butter creme to attach the fondant details to the cake.  I alternated between the cake and the RKT legs.  Whatever piece I wasn’t working on was resting in the fridge to harden.  I really didn’t want R2D2’s face sliding down the front of the cake.  

Saturday morning was time to deliver and set up the cake for the party.  The drive between my house and Red Head’s was quite comical.  Little Man informed me several times I was silly.  Nephew, Red Head, and Little Man were all thrilled with the cake.  It did the ego good to watch Little Man drag friends into the kitchen and pronounce, “MY MOM made that!!!!” 


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