Let them eat ‘sumptin!

So ummm… life? I swear I wasn’t calling you out.  I really wasn’t asking for more drastic changes. 

Focusing on the positive now….

This weekend Little Man helped me make bread.  We measured and stirred.  We added the warm milk, honey and oil to the flour and yeast.  He inhaled deeply and encouraged me to do the same.  “Mom, it smells so… warm.”  I love how he reminds me to be present in each moment.

He wanted to taste the flour which lead to a discussion on how flour by itself doesn’t taste like much.  However, once you add other ingredients and heat it changes flavors.  It’s final taste depends on what you add, how much time you let it rest, and how much heat is applied.

While we took turns kneading (he more pokes and squishes than kneads) he asked for another taste.  I explained how yeast causes the bread to rise and we laughed manically about ‘yeast farts’. 

He swiped a dime size piece of the dough and started playing with it.  “I’m making ‘suptin mom.”  While I kneaded the main dough he took a bowl, placed his little ball of dough in it and flooded it with water.  He added flour and played with it some more. 

“What are you making?”

“My own.”  “Your own what?” “I dunno, but it needs some salt.”

In went in a large sloppy pinch of salt and more flour.

“What should if feel like Mom?”  “Depends what are you making?”

*sigh* “I told you, ‘SUMPTIN.”

“I don’t know what ‘sumptin feels like darlin.”  The oozy mess was now looking like tortilla dough.

“Can I wait for the yeast farts too?”  “I don’t think there is enough yeast or sugar in your ‘sumptin for it to rise.  Why don’t you cook it like a tortilla?”

So a very excited boy pulled out our cast iron tortilla griddle. 

“When it’s done, I’m putting on butter and raisins!”

We cooked his ‘sumptin on the griddle, put it on a plate and he spread butter and sprinkled raisins over it.  Picture a bumpy tortilla the size of the bottom of a canning jar and about 1/2 inch thick. 

I had to beg, cajoll, and practically threaten to get a taste.   It tasted much more like a tortilla than the flour paste I was expecting.  I was completely impressed.

Little Man’s first solo cooking experiment was definitely ‘sumptin.

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