Hello world!

And so it begins.

What am I doing here? On top of everything else, why start a blog? Now?

I realize that when overwhelmed, not everyone decides to take on just one more thing.  I’m not everyone and quite often that is exactly what I do.  If I stay busy enough I can honestly ignore whatever it is I’m trying to ignore because la la la I’ve chosen not to make time for it…. See how busy I am?

However, I’ve had a creative urge whispering to me for a while now.  I decided it’s time to listen, to see if I could hear, to take a chance that this may be a medium that works for me.  Perhaps if I listen and continue to practice listening I’ll be able to hear the other voices that I have been ignoring by drowning them in the every day – day to day activities, choices, frustrations, to-do lists, blessings, and miracles.

It may be ironic that taking on yet one more thing is the way I’m attempting to slow down and become more present in the precious moments of life.  It may be that ironic is the answer.

Many writers I admire have posted their bucket lists or life lists on their blogs.  I was inspired to start one of my own.  Should be fairly simple right? To make a list of 100 things you would love to do during this life.  It was humbling… I became stuck at 32.  My brain froze.  It was as if I wrote it down, I could actually achieve it.  If I achieved it and crossed it off… then that was done now what?!?!!  Over analyze much? Probably.   I came to the realization that in this (as in MUCH of my life) progress was more important than perfection.  How would one even create a ‘perfect’ list? Give it UP!   So I’ve added to the list bit by bit as ideas pop into my head.  Starting a blog was on the list.

Why Summits and Wanderings?

Little man and I reached our first mountain summit this summer.  We’ve gone on several hikes together before.  However, this was the first actual real life summit we stood at.  The thought crossed my mind to start a scrap book where we could document all of the mountains we climb (summits) and the idea grew to include camping trips and hikes (wanderings).  I liked the title.   As I was making my way through my blog reader one afternoon, it hit me: summits and wanderings could describe life… the peaks and valleys we all experience; the glorious and the monotonous; the exhilarating and the humbling; the journey we’re all on.  That’s it!  That could be the name of my blog!  So I searched Google, followed my bookmarks on Blogger vs. WordPress, practiced making quick decisions and here we are… Summits and Wanderings – my life list # 16 – has begun.

Life is an adventure and I’m enthralled with the journey… Welcome.

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